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ISEM Bramucci

Leading European manufacturer of premium rigid and folding boxes for the perfumery, cosmetics and F&B markets, with integrated co-packing and logistic capabilities





Investment Year


Isem Bramucci is the leading company in the European market of luxury rigid boxes for the perfumery, cosmetics and champagne.

With more than 200 employees between Italy and France, Isem is partner of over 40 international brands.

The company currently produces more than 80 million folding boxes and more than 11 million rigid boxes per year, leveraging on a production area extending for more than 27,000 sqm. Coupled with strong logistic capabilities, Isem also offers a "full service production" to its clients, inserting the final product into the packaging and managing its logistics aspects for the clients.

Peninsula acquired a majority stake alongside the management of the company (CEO and Chairman), in order to pursue international growth as well as entry into new markets.

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