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About us

Peninsula Capital is a flexible, long-term

European Private Equity investor

We back companies with strong fundamentals and a unique portfolio of products or services. We work with a constructive approach alongside entrepreneurs and managers to create long-term value, creating tailor-made transaction structures that meet the parties' needs.


Our investment sweet spot ranges from €50 million to €120 million per single transaction, either upfront or cumulative across the investment lifecycle (i.e. including further capital injected to pursue M&A and other growth projects, or further secondary stake building). Additionally, we have the ability to deploy significantly larger amounts (up to €1 billion) via co-investment agreements.

We invest in Equity and Equity-linked securities. We invest both in primary (capital issuance) and secondary (liquidity events) transactions, although alignement of interest retains the utmost importance for our investment thesis.



We have equal appetite for majority and minority shareholding stakes. Regardless of our ownership level, we always strive to help the selected management teams and co-shareholders by adding value through our network, support on M&A project and other extraordinary finance events, and other , while leaving the C-level executives in full control of the day-to-day operations.

Due to the nature of our funds, we are able to maintain a flexible approach in terms of time horizon. We have patient capital, and always adapt the transaction to the requirements of the company, management and other stakeholders, with the ultimate goal always being the creation of long-term value for the shareholders.



We always limit our recourse to leverage, in order to allow the acquired assets to pursue their growth plans without the restraints created by high leverage. On the other hand, we are always open to invest additional capital when attractive growth projects (M&A, Capex plans) are available. We believe that a safety headroom is always requird to absorb unexpected events and economic cycles.

Our Investment Team is based in Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy), Paris (France) and London (UK), where it cultivated deep local knowledge as well as value adding network, which we always make available to our portfolio companies when required. For these reasons, our investments focus on such countries.



Learn more about our current and past investments.

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