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Leading European real estate crowdfunding platform offering financial services and investment solutions to 15,000 private and institutional investors


Financial services



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Clubfunding is a one-stop-shop platform specialized in financial services for the real estate industry. The main business line is the real estate crowdfunding platform where the company connects real estate professionals looking to finance projects to retail and institutional investors.

Clubfunding is a family group created in 1994 initially focused on investment and financing in French overseas territories. The activity has been diversified since then leveraging on their constantly growing base of loyal investors.

Today the group has 5 business divisions including crowdfunding, asset management, NPLs, overseas financing and direct investments. The group has over 150 employees and is already expanding to other European geographies.

Peninsula invested a minority stake partnering with Florac, EMZ, BPI France and the management team to help the company to support its product offering and positioning in a fast-growing market.

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