Why we are different

We support strong management teams, maintaining a

Friendly approach

Long term view,

translating into

Patient capital

Our target returns are

Tailored to the transaction

Lean structure allowing

Fast decision making



Our investment structures and requirements are

Highly flexible

Our Core Values
Value Creation
Our goal is to create long-lasting value for all shareholders, in accordance with the highest ethical standards
We limit our recourse to leverage, allowing headroom to absorb unexpected events and economic cycles, and relying instead 
We prioritize resilient businesses supported by economic moats, with a clear strategic view and a well-identified potential to be unlocked
We put our network as well as our financial know-how at full disposition of our portfolio companies, providing continuous support to the management

The investment process


Our unique expertise and access to the Italian and Spanish markets provide us with a vast range of investment opportunities, mostly on a proprietary basis.

Each of these opportunities is thoroughly analysed by our team, supported by high quality external consultants.

The Board of the GP ultimately takes a decision evaluating the opportunity in the context of the investment philosophy and the specific situation of the Fund (diversification, synergies, market intelligence).